Your task is to prepare a Power Point presentation about a regional variety of English. In your presentation you should portray the history and geographical distribution of your chosen variety of English as well as its grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation differences to Standard English.

You can choose a type of World English from the following list

British English

English language used in the United Kingdom.

US English

US English is of course particularly influential, on account of America's dominance of cinema, television, popular music, trade, and technology, including the Internet.

Canadian English

Canadian English is subject to the conflicting influences of British and American English.

Australian and New Zealand English

The vocabularies of Australian and New Zealand English are very similar. Both have been enriched by words and concepts from the hundreds of indigenous languages that pre-dated European settlers, only about fifty of which continue as first languages.

South African English

Since 1994 South Africa has had eleven official languages: English, Afrikaans (descended from Dutch), Zulu, Xhosa, and other largely regional African languages. English is the first language of only about 10 per cent of the population, but the second language of many others.

Indian English

The role of English within the complex multilingual society of India is far from straightforward: together with Hindi it is used across the country, but it can also be a speaker's first, second, or third language, and its features may depend heavily on their ethnicity and caste.

West Indian English

Standard British English has traditionally been the linguistic model for the Commonwealth Caribbean, although recently the import of US television, radio, and tourism has made American English an equally powerful influence.